End of outdoor season

maintenance tip

The garden furniture season is unfortunately over. Autumn has now made its appearance and therefore it is wise to make the garden furniture “winter-ready”. Here are some maintenance tips for a longer preservation of your garden furniture:

Tip 1. Maintenance of wicker garden furniture 
Wicker garden furniture consists of plastic wicker is relatively easy to clean. However, do not use any aggressive cleaning agent, as this may damage the plastic. The dirt and deposits on the wicker can be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water.

Tip 2. Maintenance of wooden garden furniture and parts
Hardwood garden furniture can be cleaned regularly with soapy water and a soft cloth. For stubborn stains, we recommend using a special cleaner. Never use a pressure washer to clean hardwood furniture, this will damage the wood unnecessarily.

Hardwood has a beautiful natural character and the property that it ages with time and loses its original color. Graying, knots, annual rings, small fillers and hairline cracks are not defects but characteristics of this beautiful wood.

Tip 3. Protective covers & storage
A sturdy and suitable protective cover is a great solution for protecting garden furniture. Make sure, however, that this cover can continue to “breathe” in order to prevent condensation on the furniture. Also make sure the furniture is dry before you put the protective cover over it.

If you are considering storing your garden furniture in a shed or utility room during the off-season, make sure that this space is not too hot and dry and is well ventilated. This is to prevent accelerated deterioration of materials.

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