Small outdoor spaces

Optimize your balcony or terrace!

JOLENA – the ideal set for a patio garden, terrace, or balcony.

Enjoy a cozy conversation with your best friend in this comfortable chair. The chair offers a lightly active seating, allowing you to relax throughout the evening while enjoying a snack and a drink. This beautiful set exudes elegance with its rounded shapes, making it a perfect fit for any garden or balcony.


Garden furniture for small outdoor spaces:

Optimize your balcony or terrace!

Garden furniture comes in various styles, sizes, and designs, making it possible to optimize even small outdoor spaces like balconies or terraces. Here are some tips and ideas to make the most of garden furniture in small outdoor areas.


1. Measure your space

Before purchasing garden furniture, it’s essential to measure the available space on your balcony or terrace. This will help you choose the right dimensions for the furniture and prevent buying pieces that are too big or too small.

2. Stackable furniture

This Parker set is perfect for small outdoor spaces. The set takes up minimal space when stacked, making it quick and easy to store.

3. Hanging chairs

If you have a balcony with a sturdy overhead structure, you might consider hanging a hanging chair. This takes up vertical space instead of floor space, leaving you with more room to move around. The Costa hanging chair is definitely an eye-catcher on your balcony.

With these tips, you can transform your balcony or terrace into a functional and cozy outdoor space, even if the space is limited.

Discover the latest trends for your outdoor space!​

Discover the
latest trends for your outdoor space!​

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